Bio / Contact

Senior/Lead Artist with 20 years of toy design and video game development experience. Skilled at managing external teams of artists, expert eye for evaluating and critiquing deliverables.

Background in industrial design, paired with a keen interest in architecture and period styles. Enjoy working in a wide variety of genres and art styles, from children’s toys, games and apps, to future/sci-fi.

Specialties: art direction, art outsource management, visual development for gaming environments, concept and production art for characters, architecture and props, 2D and 3D prototyping and production art, UI/UX design, children’s educational games/applications, patented Toy Designer.

Game credits:
EA/IndustrialToys: mobile game in development
Magic Fuel Games: Fort Stars (mobile)
IMVU: avatar-based social network
Void Alpha: Archer E. Bowman (Samsung Gear VR)
Void Alpha: Monster Proof (web)
Idle Games: Idle Worship (Facebook game)
Idle Games: Fresh Deck Poker
ngmoco/DeNA: Quests & Sorcery (mobile)
ngmoco/DeNA: Transformers Legends (mobile)
Lionside Inc: NBA Legends(Facebook game)
Lionside Inc: Lionside Football (Facebook game)
Dreamworks/Humanature Studio: How to Train Your Dragon (MMO)
Dreamworks/Humanature Studio: Kung Fu Panda World (MMO)
Trion Worlds: RIFT- Heroes of Telara (MMORPG)
Perpetual Entertainment: Star Trek Online (MMO)
Linden Lab: Second Life (virtual world)
EA/Maxis: The Sims 2: Night Life (PC)
EA/Maxis: The Sims 2: University (PC)
EA/Maxis: The URBZ: Sims in the City (PS2, Xbox, GC, DS, GBA)
EA/Maxis: Sim City 4 (PC)
EA/Maxis: Sim City 4: Rush Hour (PC)
Scientific Learning Corp: Fast Forword Reading (PC)
EA: NASCAR 2001 (PS2)
EA: Hot Wheels Turbo Racing (PS1)
Broderbund: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (PC)
Broderbund: Carmen Sandiego Math Detective (PC)
Disney Interactive: Villain’s Revenge (PC)
Frog City Software: Imperialism 2 (PC)
Frog City Software: Pantheon (canceled)
Frog City Software: Trade Empires
Knowledge Adventure/Vivendi Universal: Jumpstart Spymasters
Theatrix Interactive: Julliard Music Adventure (PC)
Theatrix Interactive: Math Heads (PC)
Soleil Software: Zurk’s Learning Safari (PC)
Soleil Software: Zurk’s Rainforest Lab (PC)
Soleil Software: Zurk’s Alaskan Trek (PC)
Berkeley Systems: Triazzle (PC)
Presage: Lode Runner (PC)


Email: [email protected]